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Friday, August 11, 2006

Brewers Lose To Braves 1-2

From Sportsline.com:

Jeff Francoeur loves to be at the plate with runners on late in the game. Add a struggling reliever to the mix, and the Braves slugger is tough to get out.

Francoeur hit an RBI double off Derrick Turnbow in the bottom of the ninth inning Friday night and John Smoltz pitched a five-hitter to help the Braves beat the Milwaukee Brewers 2-1.

Francoeur leads the Braves with 10 game-winning RBI. Adding to his knack for dramatic production in clutch situations, he has five game-winning hits in the final at-bat.

"He's got the flair," Smoltz said of Francoeur. "He wants so bad to be in that situation that I think sometimes he tries too hard. You want a guy to be like that in that situation. You'd be surprised how many guys treat that situation totally different."

Francoeur said he wanted to atone for failing to deliver in similar situations as the Braves lost two of three in Cincinnati a week ago.

"I love it," Francoeur said of facing the pressure in the bottom of the ninth.

"I thought when I got up, here's a chance to atone a little bit for Cincinnati for the team and for John, for Bobby (Cox). We've been playing hard."


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