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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Dooling Suspended 5 Games for Fighting

From Brian Schmitz at the Orlando Sentinel:

Orlando Magic Guard Keyon Dooling Received a Longer Suspension Than Seattle Supersonics Guard Ray Allen After He Tried to Confront Allen Off the Floor After the Two Had Been Ejected for Fighting Wednesday Night.

The NBA announced Friday that Dooling had been suspended for five games and Allen for three games.

After his ejection, Dooling ran off the floor, past the Magic dressing room and toward the Sonics' locker room, looking for Allen.

Dooling had to be physically restrained by security before reaching the home dressing room, still yelling and threatening to get even with Allen.

Magic Assistant General Manage Otis Smith, who spoke with the league, confirmed that Dooling's actions after leaving the floor garnered the more severe penalty.

Dooling said he "deserved" the longer suspension for his post-ejection action, but felt the league put much of the blame for instigating the ruckus on him.

"I was the only one who threw an elbow," he said, facetiously.

Dooling and Allen were jostling during the second quarter. Television replays show that Allen was struck in the head by an elbow from Magic forward Stacey Augmon and Allen then appeared to elbow Dooling.

Dooling then walked over to Allen and rammed him with his shoulder. Allen tumbled to the floor.

When he reached his feet, he tackled Dooling, sending both players flying into the front row of courtside seats, throwing punches until teammates pried them apart.

Dooling said things happened in "the heat of the moment," adding, "I'm sorry for hurting the NBA's image."


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