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Monday, October 03, 2005

Seahawks Lose in OT 17-20

From Doug Farrar at Seahawks.net:

Two things we learned today…first, the Seahawks are not as good as they appeared to be when they decimated the Cardinals last week. Second, the underpinnings of insecurity which have killed this team slowly and softly over the last few years are still in effect. Poor coaching at times, an inability to get off the field defensively (and stay on it offensively) and a lack of killer instinct away from the friendly confines of Qwest Field are three all-too-familiar demons and they all must be overcome before this team can hope to be of championship caliber.

However, one of the more insidious gremlins can be exorcised next Sunday in St. Louis, as the Seahawks look to get past the “We Can’t Beat The Rams” thingy. For that to happen, as depleted as the Rams may appear to be, this team must tighten up the “little things” that mean a lot.
At 2-2, their ability to do so will decide their season’s fate.


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