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Monday, October 17, 2005

Hamlin in Hospital

This sucks! My thoughts and prayers are with Hamlin and his family. GET WELL SOON HAMMER!

From Mike Sando at The News Tribune:

Seattle Seahawks safety Ken Hamlin is in serious but stable condition at Harborview Medical Center for skull, brain and hand injuries suffered when he was assaulted outside a nightclub following the team’s 42-10 victory Sunday night, the team said today.

Hamlin will remain in the intensive-care unit for the coming days and could need several weeks to recover, team physician Dr. Stan Herring said during a press conference at team headquarters.

Hamlin was struck on the left side of his head, resulting in a skull fracture and a blood clot that require constant monitoring. Surgery was not expected to be necessary, Herring said, but that could change depending on whether the clot gets bigger.

“He has a skull fracture,” Herring said. “He has a small subdural hematoma and he has some bruising of the brain tissue. He will be kept in the intensive-care unit at Harborview as we monitor him closely for the next 24-48 hours.

“So far, he has done well. After that time frame, if he is stable we will make further plans about care.”

The blood clot was a primary concern. Long-term brain damage was not expected.

“Right now, Ken is awake intermittently and talking to us,” Herring said. “There is no evidence of severe brain injury in that regard.

“He is cooperating and when awake, alert and knows what is going on. … He’s a little confused and tired. We have to wake him up over and over to make sure he is OK. He knows where he is. He knows his family is coming to see him.”

Hamlin’s broken right hand will heal without surgery, Herring said.

“The concern is to make sure his neurologic status does not deteriorate,” Herring said. “At this point, it appears this will be managed non-operatively unless things change.”

Hamlin’s playing status was the least of the doctors’ concerns at this point.

“It’s way too soon,” Herring said. “We need to get him out of the ICU, get him home and see how he does for the next few weeks.”

Team president Tim Ruskell released the following statement:

“Ken was the victim of an assault outside a downtown nightclub early this morning. Ken is in intensive care in serious but stable condition. Coach (Mike) Holmgren and I talked with Ken and his spirits are good considering the situation. We are working in concert with the Seattle Police Department. The fact that this is an active assault investigation prevents us from further comment at this time. As information becomes available we will share it with you. Our thoughts and prayers are with Ken and his family."

Hamlin’s agent, Lawrence Temple, was on his way to Seattle from Texas.

Holmgren said he was running on a treadmill at about 7:30 a.m. when he received the news.

“We said a quick prayer for him,” Holmgren said.

Marquand Manuel becomes the starter at free safety. Hamlin has been one of the Seahawks’ biggest hitters on defense. He was a second-round draft choice from Arkansas in 2003.


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